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Jun 28, 2019

Best Teacher Award 2019 GR

 Some improvements have been made in the rules of the Best Teacher Award rules given by the government this year at taluka, district and state level, whose full guideline is given in the PDF file given here....There are also teacher builders and warriors. For a soldier and teacher, there can never be an eight hour duty. It is necessary to determine the duty hour for the management. Their duty is 24 hours. Teacher and retirement are not related. The teacher can not remain without work until the last breath of life retired. Akila live a hundred years doing fixed work according to Veda tradition. Love should be for life. Life can be loved only by love of life. Only by loving one's life Krishna can be loved and teachers can teach only to love life. By loving love for akila, people will be away from harmful, addictive and harmful things. It is also said that our speech is healthy. The health of speech means that it is true, that it is healthy and is a member, at least words in which the students are studying, at least, and understandable message should be delivered. Pujya Bhiji said that government controls and state governance hold youth In ancient Gurus, the rule of the Guru is not ruled by the rule of the guru.

When the king passed through Gurukul, then entered the chariot, arms, and shoes outside. Raja is a Vishnupur. Teachers are of the community. Deciding how to run a society by contemplating the current problem, The teacher has to disclose the student's water. As soon as water is released in the well by removing the clay covered layer on the water. As the students ignore the cover of ignorance, knowledge emerges. Guruji should keep away from ignorance until Gnan is manifested. Teacher is a farmer, Kisan. It does not have to be all graduated. Everyone's troubles are different. Farmers can know the strength of clay and determine the type of crop. No child is useless, but it is different. St. Mary's School, Rajkot's teacher, Umeshbhai, said in response to the response of the organization that I have selected some of my peers and selected for the award. The teacher has to prepare the elite students.

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