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Aug 6, 2019

A child in need of care and protection

A person who has no home or any other established place and no suitable place to live; 
  • (Living with someone who is or is not a parent) and that person threatens to kill or injure her or there are circumstances in which the child is likely to be exploited, abused, hurt or injured. 
  •  A child who is mentally or physically impaired or is a victim of a deadly disease and has no one to treat or are for, or his parents or guardians are unable to cure it; 
  • A child who does not have a parent and is not ready to take care of him or a child whose parents have abandoned him and are either lost or run away and therefore do not meet his parents; 
  • That are likely to be exploited or misused, or have any illicit tendencies; (2) whose condition is in danger and may be involved in drug trafficking or fornication; 
  • One that has the potential to take on unethical disadvantages 
  • Who has been the victim of any fighting or civilian disaster or natural disaster. 
  • A child who is a criminal or under legal analysis; 
  • A child who is exposed to the law and is either a victim of a crime or has evidence of an incident. 
  •  cPS Controller will provide legal care and rehabilitation services to any child, including children whose families are at risk, children who are socially abandoned, who are extremely poor, belonging to the lower castes, Scheduled Castes, Tribes and other backward classes who suffer discrimination. Been, belongs to a minority community, is HIV / AIDS patient, is orphaned, drug addicted, is a poor beggar, children are trapped in sex, prisoner Children, and boys working down the road.
  • Government
    Citizenship Network Government-Civil society Partnership To reach out to children, especially in extreme circumstances, the Ministry of Women and Child Development has presented the current Child Protection Scheme, a program sponsored by the Center, titled "Joint Child Protection Scheme (ICPS)." General Chat Chat Lounge This presented ICPS transforms existing plans at various levels into a comprehensive child protection program and prevents children from being harmed. The program does not view child protection as an obligation of the MWCD alone but also motivates other sectors to contribute. The ministry also coordinates programs and creates competent protective environments for children, conducts diversity and institutionalizes essential services for children, provides child protection through inter-departmental responses, and sets standards for care and services.

    Government: The primary responsibility of the Government of India will be to obtain the necessary development and funding for this scheme and make the structure and rules more resilient. The Government of India will collect information on combined, living, web-based children, including child tracking systems and information management systems. It will be the joint responsibility of the State Government / Union Territory to ensure the effective implementation of the scheme and proper utilization of available funds. State government central administration attracts people with vocational skills to join this partnership - public institution. Under this scheme, businesses will be given employment on contract basis. State Governments, Union Territories will monitor this database which will include child tracking system and MIS at the State and Taluka level.

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