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Aug 6, 2019

Postvibhag ma New Bharti 2019 Detail

There is a large recruitment in the post department. Applicants who have passed the standard 10 qualification can apply. Due to such qualifications in such a large government recruitment, many will apply and the competition will increase in the exam. This file contains the complete information.

The United States has just announced its decision to provide a five-year history of social media for job seekers in the US. America has been thinking for a year, whether to do so or not. The biggest reason for doing so is the security of the United States. There is no other country in the world as much as America is aware of terrorism. Five years of social media data is enough to measure a man's mindset. Social media updates also show what has changed in the past five years from what a man does. What would you say, if that data was deleted? It is not difficult for America to obtain that data. The social media data requested includes Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Google Plus, your e-mail. You see, Google Plus has shut down! It just closed, is there data from the previous five years? No password is provided, only user id will be given when giving these details. The rest of the work will be done by the people. It is not possible to say which post does not matter to America. We can take what we know as innocent, seriously. If you have an affiliate with the CRPF or another agency, you can grab a photo with your machine gun and upload it into the firing style. No matter how many photos you find, America may dislike you.

Put the US thing aside. You know, now, even in the country, the employer has to take a look at his social media before hiring someone. what are you doing? What are your thoughts on any political movement? Which one do you like Who doesn't like you? Who is in your friend list with these details? What kind of people are these? All its details are checked. We also get our measurements taken when we go to a party and then upload photos. Whether or not you like it is determined by the motives on your social media

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