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Aug 7, 2019

Integrated Child Protection Scheme for Save Girl (ICPS)

The Integrated Child Protection Scheme will be very helpful in fulfilling the Government's responsibility to provide protection to children. The scheme is based on two important principles of the protection of the rights of the child and the interests of the child. So that's the purpose. Contribute to the welfare of children in difficult situations and take care to minimize situations such as exploitation, neglect, abandonment and abuse. To do so
  •  Increasing the availability and quality of child protection services 
  •  Increasing awareness of the rights of the child, their position in India 
  • Clearly articulate the responsibility and requirements for child protection 
  • Children with disadvantaged access to support services from the government at all levels 
  • Inspection and evaluation by filed and procedural evidence
  • Special Purposes
    Establish seamless services, such as emergency access, institutional care, and more.Family and social care, counseling and support services;Prepare the necessary infrastructure and processes at the national, state and regional levels for effective implementation;Setting up guidelines for useful guides and legal units and setting standards for each of the services.
  • Capacity Building at each level:
  Every executive, including administrators, servants and others who are all involved with ICPS;Training and sensitizing local units, police, judiciary and other relevant departments of the state regarding their responsibilities under ICPS.Prepare information sheets and encyclopedia for child protection services:
    Preparation of child protection information management system that includes MIS and child detection system for effective implementation of child protection services.
    Researching and documenting.
  • Strengthen child protection at the family and social level
Capacity building in the care, protection and child response of family and society.Take controlling steps in children to protect themselves in critical, dangerous, and exploitative circumstances.
  • Determine the inter-regional response at each level:
    Establish a network between government, non-governmental organizations that provide support for children and implement the scheme effectively.
  • Increasing public awareness.
    Educate people on child rights and protection;To raise public awareness of the dire situation of children and their familie.To inform the public about the available child protection services schemes and the structures available at each level

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