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Aug 7, 2019

TAT Bharti Related New GR

Tourist teachers are being recruited at teachers' vacancies in the primary, secondary and upper secondary schools of the state. The number of teachers in each of the schools is being adequately maintained to ensure proper education. Bachelor's degree is mandatory for the traveling teacher. The school governing body can enroll itself by submitting a demand for a traveling teacher to its district teacher. Tourist teachers' grants will be paid by the government.
Teachers plan to ensure that the vacancy does not affect the students..Tourist teachers 'plans are implemented to ensure that teachers' vacancies do not affect the students. Each school has also been assigned a maximum daily wage by the government. Schools cannot bill more than that. For this, the maximum limit in primary schools is 7 thousand, while in secondary and higher secondary schools Rs. 13,500 maximum bills have been fixed. In addition to the vacancy, tourist teachers are allowed even if teachers are on long vacations. The school will have to pass the bill every three months from the office of the district teacher. In schools where there is a traveling teacher, DEO-DPO has been instructed to do some checking at the end.

Primary, Secondary, e.g. Payment will be made as follows in the Education Department.Different daily wages will be paid in the primary, secondary and higher secondary education departments. The salary will be paid for a maximum of 6 hours daily.Recruitment from this qualification.In the elementary schools, there will be a recruitment of a graduate candidate in the subject which is not a teacher, besides graduating in the secondary department, candidates who have computer knowledge. The same qualification will also apply to higher secondary schools.

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