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Sep 22, 2019

Eating this thing every morning, the body will never come to weakness

There are many fruits, vegetables and legumes that strengthen the body's digestive system. In addition, there are foods that increase the immune system and weaken the body by consuming it. So let's know today about the things that get soaked in the night and the next day that the body has many benefits.

  • Poppy

Poppy is rich in vitamin B, it straws metabolism. Soak one tablespoon of poppy in water overnight. In the morning add 1 teaspoon of honey to it.
  • Lazy

Lazy removes cholesterol from the body. It is full of omega-3s. It makes the heart healthy. However, the laziness is hot. Therefore, it should be consumed twice a week. Soak half a tablespoon in water and let it soak overnight. In the morning take it out of the water and eat the key.

  • Black chickpeas

Eating chickpeas full of fiber and protein in the morning has many benefits. Soak and consume one handful of chickpeas 3 to 4 times a week at night. In the morning it can also be eaten with molasses.

  • Raisins

The raisins contain magnesium, potassium and iron. There are many benefits to consuming them. Soak 6 to 8 raisins in water at night. Drain and consume water in the morning. You can consume this item daily as it does not cause any harm. But don't give younger children more than 3 a day.

  • Mug

Mums are rich in protein, fiber and vitamin B. This eliminates the problem of constipation. Getting up in the morning and eating mugs are beneficial. Patients with high BP should be particularly intensive.

  • Nuts

Eat soaked nuts every morning at night. It lowers cholesterol levels. It also strengthens the brain. Only one of these items should be consumed daily. Selecting and consuming an item according to your body's taste will benefit.

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