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Sep 21, 2019

New rules of traffic in Gujarat apply,

From now on, the implementation of the new traffic law has begun. Even though there has been partial relief from the new traffic laws in Gujarat, it is more than ever.

However, people are also getting angry over the new rules for traffic penalties. Simultaneously, there was a huge rush to pick up PUCs and insurance as well as buy a helmet. In the central government notification, the Enforcement Team (RTO) and the policeman were told to pay double fines. The state government has reduced the penalties for ordinary citizens, rather than relaxing the rules of the center, but has not changed the rules for police and RTOs.

Mix scenes were witnessed today as the new traffic law began. Somewhere the people came out with all the preparations. So somewhere the traffic police were disappearing.

On the other hand, people in metro seats like Ahmedabad walked out without wearing helmets, which made it clear that the new rules did not matter.

It is worth mentioning that the Central Government has amended the Motor Vehicles Act and charged a huge fine for violating the traffic rules. However, in this regard, on September 11, the Government of Gujarat provided almost 50 per cent relief to the people of Gujarat.

What penalty will be the penalty?

  • - License, Insurance, PUC, R.C. First time a fine of Rs. 500 if not booked
  • - License, Insurance, PUC, R.C. A second time fine of Rs.1000 if not booked
  • - Intermittent parking for the first time Rs.500, second time Rs.1000 fine
  • - Rs 500 for the first time in a dark film on glass, Rs 1000 for the second time
  • - First time talking on mobile on current vehicle Rs.500, second time Rs.1000
  • - A fine of Rs. 500 if not worn a helmet
  • - If seat belt is not built, Rs. A fine of 500
  • - 3 rides on the bike fine of Rs100
  • - Driving Dangerously Three Wheeler Rs.1500, LMV Rs.3000 fine
  • - Over 1500 fine to two, three wheeler and tractor in overspeed
  • - Overspeed Light Motor Vehicle for Rs. 2000, a fine of Rs.4000 to others
  • - Two and three wheelers without license Rs. 2000, for fine wheeler Rs. 3000 fine
  • - Unregistered vehicle in two wheeler for Rs.1000, three wheeler 2000
  • - 3000 for Wheeler without registration, Rs. 4000 fine for others
  • - Helmet not mandatory for rear wheels
  • - The digital document will be considered valid
  • Double fine for police or RTO personnel

In the government notification, the Enforcement Team (RTO) and the policeman were told to pay double fines.

It is worth mentioning that the state government has given 15 days for PUC and one month for HSRP.

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