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Oct 3, 2019

बिनसचिवालय परीक्षा मोडेल पेपर नंबर -19 -प्रेक्टिस पेपर

The non-secretarial clerk exam is set to take place on October 20, and this model paper will be very useful to the candidates preparing for the exam.Computer Based Recruitment Test (CBRT) will be implemented in place of OMMR sheet in the examination of recruitment process by Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC). At the initial stage, arrangements have been made to provide 1000 CBRT candidates to the Gandhinagar GPSC Bhavan. This facility will also be set up in other centers of the state in phases. If less than 1000 candidates are registered for the exam in the coming time, then the exam will be conducted only with CBRT method. New methods of computer-based recruitment will also save on paper and human time. Along with this, there will also be transparency in the exam, which will have direct benefit to the candidates.

Five minutes before the exam time, the paper will be uploaded to every computer. After the CBRT test is implemented, the candidate will have to appear on the computer only, the paper will be uploaded five minutes before the exam time. In the OMMR sheet, candidates were given five to answer the question. From which candidates have to erase the box of the correct option. If the candidate does not want to give any answer, he / she will have to erase the number five box in the OMR sheet. 

But now the candidate who has implemented the Computer Based Recruitment Test will have to take the exam on the computer itself. Five minutes before the exam time, the paper will be uploaded to every computer. The candidate will have to click on the correct answer in the new method as soon as the candidate responds by erasing the box in the OMMR sheet. After completing the paper, a PDF of the candidate's answers will be uploaded to the website of the GPSC. The candidates will be able to view their uploaded answer key with their login ID.

1 thousand commuter for the exam
At present, 1000 computers have been installed in the examination room for examination. Not all computers are connected to the internet so that candidates can not interfere in the answer paper. Paper will be manually uploaded to each computer before the exam. Candidates will be able to save time digitally with Exam.

Four options in CBRT
There were 5 options for writing an answer in OMR. The 5th option would have been selected if the answer did not come up. The CBRT will have four options. There was a possibility of tampering with the answers that were left blank in the OMR. Thus it was mandatory to erase the 5th box. Otherwise the question which did not select an option was calculated in the negative marking.

The OMR sheet does not have to be printed
Gujarat Public Service Commission Chairman Dinesh Das said that with the new method of OMR sheet printing, packing and transportation, there would be no need for humanitarian work. Video recording of the entire exam will also be done. In this computer base test, candidates can now change the answer. The candidates will be able to view the PDF at the time of calculation of the final answer key

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