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Oct 2, 2019

Inspirational stories from the lives of dignitaries ..

1. Here is love and there is life.
2. Hate sin and love sinners, so that they can stop sinning
3. The power of love is far more powerful than the power of violence.
4. If you want to do something, do it with love or do it
5. Love has immense power. This can make anyone his own.
6. To please one heart with one act is better than thousands of heads bowing for prayer.
7. Love is an investment that will return many times what you do
8. Where there is love, there is also God.
9. The day when the power of love cancels the love of power, the world will know peace.
10. Love is the greatest power in the world and yet it is the most humble of all we can imagine.
Gandhi Jayanti Week

I remember when I was in high school in Patidar Ashram at Kandi Sarvala Vidyalaya, Gandhi Jayanti - Rentia Baras - was celebrated for one week. Gandhi cottage was built. The invited speakers gave speeches on Gandhiji's life. You were a well-known national school surrounded by all Gandhi Vidyalayas. Spread over a vast expanse of nature, this institution was called the Peace Exit of North Gujarat.
According to this memoir, in today's post 'Gandhi-Ganga' in the Gandhi Week of Vinod Vihar, some occasions in Gandhiji's life are intended to give readers a glimpse of some aspects of Gandhiji's life.
After the events of Gandhi's life come to an end - October 8, the statement of current US President Barack Obama will be read on the occasion of Gandhi's service day, influenced by Gandhi's thoughts and actions.
Speaking of Champaran. Bapu started investigating the injustice and atrocities of the Nilwaris there, and there was some consciousness in the people. Bapu's opening of schools was also starting to have a positive impact on people. The white sapphires were disturbed by this.
Someone told Bapu, “Some of the Nilvers here are the worst. He wants to kill you and he has stopped me for it. "
On hearing this, Bapu came to the forest one night alone and said: "I heard that you have stopped me to kill me, so I have come alone without telling anyone."
The paleo was stunned.

Highlight Of Last Week

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