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Nov 17, 2019

ICE Paper Solution | Binsachivalay Clerk The whole paper solution

In order to get good marks, small things need to be taken into account when preparing for Exam. Everyday practice is very important to cover good marks in accounts and meths. In which the paper solution is useful. Now I have an MBA. To move into the airport management field. My mom is a house wife and dad is connected to the textile business. Ishika Soni, Nirvana School I was reading for only 2 hours a day Commerce Most of the help of Exam preparations is on the old paper of the board, as well as giving a small test can also be very beneficial. At the same time, I used to read for 6 to 7 hours a day for exams. But from the beginning I was preparing daily. Now I want to be a Chartered Accountant, on which I have started preparations. 
My father is in business and mother is the house wife. Raj Kansagara, Peace Asiatic 3.2 The syllabus was completed early, so there was more time for self-practice Commerce At our school, syllabus expires sooner than at other schools, and there is more time for reading and self-practice. Which also benefits from Exam. Study is completed in October at our school. Now I have to prepare for CA as the score is good in standard 1. But the mark of standard 3 is not much relieved. My father and mother run a pharma lab. Vraj Kansagara, Peace Asiatic 3.2 Pre-board paper gives an idea of ​​style and marking Science Exam preparations started in December, when Exam had more helper pre-board papers.
                            Because, through it, the concept of paper style and marking is realized. I will go for re-checking since the mark has come lower than I expected. In the future, I will have a B.Tech. Wanting to advance in computer science, the motivation to go into computer science came from a school competition. My parents are both in the education field. Peace Asiatic, Aman Paleja 3 Cricket was my favorite game and I used to practice and give it exams Science Cricket is my favorite game. Even on the day of Exam, I was going to practice and give Exam. 
                     From the first day I was preparing for the exams and did 3 hours of readings a day. I used to remember fast while practicing cricket and reading. There is a lot of benefit to preparing board papers. Exam has scored 5 marks in all three subjects: Maths, Chemistry and Physics. He wants to do his business by studying in electrical communication. Mayank Patel, Shri Narayana Gurur School Prepared small notes to stay out of the fold Humanities I started preparing for the exams three months ago, I was reading for four hours a day as I followed the concept of regular study. Reading small notes was made to stay away from Gokhapatti. 
                  I did not expect so many marks but the teachers trusted me. Now I want to advance in Arts English at Delhi University. Both of my parents are employed in income tax. Srividya Sujoy, Peace Asiatic Blackbelt in Taekwondo and now ICT engineering Science JEE Mains also had exams with the Science Board Exam, but regular preparation did not cause much trouble. My daily reading was like 2 hours. Also I am a black belt in Taekwondo, so I used to practice with Exam. Sports have been important to me, it brings renewed energy and keeps me fresh. \now I want to move into ICT engineering. 
                                      Kahan Shah, Composition School Each paper had 5 paper solves Science For the preparation of the AXA, I solved at least 1 paper of a single object. Which has benefited me in the JEE Mains besides the board exams. In my opinion a paper solution can be more useful for a good score in Exam. Nizar Shah, construction school 3 JEE Advanced is doing computer science to get a good score Science Since I was preparing for the board exams and JEE mains, I had to read for 3 to 4 hours. The paper solutions and tests from schools and classes were also very useful in Exam. Now getting good marks in JEE Advanced is to study in Mechanical Engineering. Gaurav Trivedi, Construction School

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