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Nov 16, 2019

TAT Bharti New Rules 2019 Notification Downlolad

While the state government is talking about providing higher education and all facilities in the rural areas on the one hand, there is not enough teachers in the government primary schools in many rural areas on the other side. Villagers and guardians due to lack of teachers in the center school) O called the school a lockout.

According to information received from the sources, there are approximately six students studying in standard-1 to 3 in Government Primary School located in Bodia village of Limbdi taluka. Since time other assignments have been entrusted and all the work has been done by only five teachers Typical work is performed. This is affecting the study of students. The villagers and guardians gathered at the school and locked the school, despite repeated requests for no solution.
The primary school of the village of Bodia has classes of grades 1 through 5 in which about 5 students are studying. Due to the shortage of teachers, only five teachers are given the education work of all grades 3-5. Due to this, children did not get proper education and overall the study showed anger among the parents.
Despite the various experiments and billions of rupees spent by the state government, there is no difference in the quality of education provided in the Government Primary School. After the mission, the TAS system is going to be implemented. During the examination of the students starting next day, another school teacher will come to supervise him while the student's answer will also be evaluated with another teacher.

Every year, various experiments are conducted by the education department in the primary section but no improvement in the quality of education provided to the student can be realized from the statistics, this time in the name of Mission Vidya, the weaker students were given extra hours of reading and writing therapy. In which the students had the ability to read and write If the rejector is claiming that the standard of education is improved by implementing the same method which is taught to the student by the experts of that subject, this method will be introduced in schools as well. In the first annual examination of elementary schools, radical changes have also been made. General Chat Chat Lounge

Until now, he had served as the school's teacher supervisor during the student exams. Not only this student's answer was also checked by the same school teacher. The change has now been made against him and other school teachers will serve as supervisors during the student exams. Not only that, the students' answers will also be given to other school teachers to check.

So that there can be no malpractice. So for this to be done, the Talukas have been instructed to the Primary Education Officer. Examination will be conducted in more than 4 Government Primary Schools in the district from October 1 next. The first Annual Examination will be completed on 3rd November

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