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Dec 16, 2019

Humans like closed fists never open

How is a man How are you, me, and us? Some men are a little easier. It is immediately understood. Accept immediately. Some men are tough. Don't explain in a moment. There is no 'guide' available to a tough person. It has to be frozen to make it firm. Difficult men also become easier when they 'go on'. From the outside, all men are the same. It has two hands, two legs, head and torso. From the inside, every man is different. There is something going on inside everyone. It does not appear, is felt. The realization is not so. Feeling has to be dissolved, dissolved. Touching is not just through the movement of the finger, but also through the feeling of the soul. The soul senses intimacy.

A man begins to like it without cause. Begins to feel themselves. It looks like it has a debt or debt. It becomes a part of life. The heart dictionary is very potent. A few pages have swirls that keep us awake throughout life. Was a girl He fell in love with youth. He said, Where were you till now? If this was only on earth, why didn't I get it so far? Will the debt even subside in a few years? How would someone get into your thoughts? You are the essence of my being, which gives me the essence. Your surroundings make me realize the reality. Everything seems to have changed. I'm not even me. You are absorbed in my prayers. Even when I'm alone, I'm talking to you. Even when you are silent, the dialogue seems to be going on. The dialogue doesn't need words every time.

This is what a husband and wife say. All day long, even if the two are together, they talk very little. Intimate love between the two. His love did not matter. Once his friend Kapal came to stay at home. He questioned seeing the husband and wife talking less. You talk so little! The friend said, that's right. We speak very little. There is a reason behind it. My parents and my wife's parents are friends. Both of our parents are deaf. We've lived with both of them since we were little. That is why we have learned the language of silence! Sensory language goes beyond words. We understand the language of gestures. Our parents didn't speak, they didn't listen, they were still communicating! The language of the eyes explained it perfectly. One incident I miss. My father once brought flowers for my mother. My mother's attention was another. He approached and pointed the shoulders as if to look. My mother's attention went to the rose flower in her hand. The Thanksgiving Love You couldn't speak, but I realized that the pink sensation of the rose petals on her cheeks. The pink cheeks of those cheeks were also floating in my father's eyes. From that time I realized that dialogue requires affection, not words.

How much do we all speak? How many words will we be speaking throughout the day? How many words will be repeating? Each man has his own dictionary. In today's hi-tech era, how much we walked, how much we ran, how much we ate, is the kind of variety app is available. Alas, there is even an app that shows how much we live! It also gives an account of how much you die every day. Do we know if life is worth the gain or the loss? How many minutes can we speak in 24 hours? How long will you be silent? No matter how much, but how we speak is important. If there is an app that comes with speaking, it should be different, that we speak so well and so bad, so speechless and so incomprehensible, that by saying so, we got closer to our people and got away with doing so! Words are dynamic. It takes us closer and farther away. Those who have a sense of the power of words understand it.

Can't all men be open? It is like a closed fist. It doesn't have to be open. It also has to be opened. He wants a return that can open the return rate. Where does everyone even speak? Where do all our words touch? Words like stone have people clapping their words and going back. Such words hurt. Screams It also blames the speaker, why use me anywhere? I slip from your mouth. You are so careful that I touch anyone. Where it does not feel like speaking, the ball will not! I have a dignity. I have a grace. I'm alive I'm up I'm touching I give consolation. I'm convinced I can wet someone's eyes. I can sprinkle on someone's heart. Before you use me, think about what you are doing to me. At last you do what you do to me. If you humiliate me, you will be humiliated.

There is no need to believe that he is speaking poorly. They are speaking by looking at the qualifications of the listener. A 'password' should match with their heart. Often we come across people when we do not know what to say here? Sometimes the question is, why speak? Speaking or being silent where there is no need to speak is also a sign of wisdom. Many people are constantly speaking. No one asks or no one asks, one hears or does not listen, no one believes or not, the bus keeps talking. He tries to impress people by speaking. Words should not be used to hurt anyone. Silence should not be used to impress anyone.

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