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Dec 16, 2019

What is not understood is not understood! -Human nature

Every man has his own ideas about life. Everyone has a certain mindset. There are some things we like. There are some things we don't like. Doing this, not doing this, it doesn't happen to me, we all believe in something like this. Everyone has their own logic behind this. What likes and dislikes, likes and dislikes is what separates one man from another. Everyone has their own unique identity. It can be both good and bad, as if living with such identity. There are some people who are very different from other people. There are some people who do not have the same burden of change. Say whatever you want to say, believe whatever you want to believe, I'll do whatever I like.

Every man in life sometimes has to ask, what should I do? At times every man needs guidance. How important it is to know the level of guidance we receive or from whom we seek guidance. Direction should be intriguing. Our measurements also depend on who we believe. It's a story of a young man. He could not concentrate on preparing for and reading the exam. He talked to a friend. Every day, nothing happens. Either someone comes to meet and the phone rings. It also keeps the message beeper at the phone. That friend advised. You do a job Sleeping all day and reading all night! There is a lot of peace at night so you can concentrate on the study. The young man followed this advice. It happened that he was ill because of waking up all night. When one of his elders heard about waking up at night, he asked, "What madman gave you such advice?" You agreed to it again. Why didn't he say, "Turn off your phone at study time of day. When talking about meeting someone, don't say it out of love. You asked the one who advised you to stay up all night, did you really want to stay up all night? Suppose he was awake, he still thought about you, whether he would wake up all night. There are certain stages of life when we feel true to the person closest to us. It doesn't have to be true. Yes, it is different if it is our parents, teachers, elders or any intelligent person. There is a big risk to be believed.

Depending on who counsels and whose advice it is, it depends on what one thinks. We seek the advice of many, but do not obey the advice of all. Why do we do this? What other people talk about is wise. We compare it with our understanding. We believe it only if it matches. Most of the time, a human being does not look for advice or guidance, but only wants approval of what he or she believes. He needs assurance that what I think is fair.

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