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Dec 20, 2019

Much of our happiness and misery depends on what kind of men we are around!

Much of our happiness and misery depends on what kind of men we are around! Humans are influenced and lacking. It cannot be measured what a man is like. Where is the measure of man to be the same forever? Man is changing. Very few people stay the same forever. It is not a small achievement, in any case, to change, not to abandon our good. Staying the same all your life is like doing penance every day. The head of a man reveals his humanity. A man is of the mind, of a particle, of a moment. Many humans are like mountains, many like bubbles! The bubble looks beautiful, but it does not look like it explodes!

Every man has an impression. Each one has an image. Photos uploaded on social media are fine-tuned with Photoshop. People spend thousands of bucks to look beautiful. How much do we strive to be good? Being good requires more than being good, not beautiful! Appearance is inherited. Goodness has to be cultivated. Life is a process of constantly getting better. Age does not make sense. Sometimes, as a man grows older, he becomes more stubborn and more arrogant. Age is only meaningful if something good is added to man every day. Time takes us daily to different grips. Sometimes there is a good time, sometimes the ninth time is taking our test. A person's identity is often revealed when it is a good time. How we behave in good times proves our maturity. People measure us based on how well we speak when lying down.

In recent times our measures of measuring man have changed. Most people measure a man by his wealth. We consider the rich a big man. We are starting to decide whether or not to relate to her style, how she dresses, her lifestyle, whether it is hi-fi or plain. The brand has become so dominant over us that we are starting to determine the height of a human being. There is a difference in height and depth. Many men are shallow. Shall be covered in shallow, it cannot be immersed! Depth can maintain the same grace. Some men never change. It has no up-and-downs in life. Some people change with the air instead. Gets into the air. The air does not stay the same forever. Being in the air sometimes has to come down low.

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