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Dec 19, 2019

There are times in life when life gets tired too

Every man has had an idea once in his life, what does all this confusion mean? Putting everything in place makes you feel like running away. There are times in life when life gets tired too. We cannot do what we want to do. Satisfying the expectations of others? Even when there is no response from anyone who does everything, it also happens that nobody appreciates. Running from dawn to dusk? All philosophy, including life, happiness, joy, relationships, friendship, seems worthless. Poor thoughts sometimes dominate us. Such ideas should be avoided as quickly as possible.

Depression is never an instant. It comes at a slow pace that we do not understand. A poor idea comes up. After that, the flow of weak thoughts begins. We go deep and deep in despair, and we don't even know when to get to the bottom. A person who understands thoughts can only be happy. Sometimes fun is an understandable situation, but if you constantly feel that there is no fun, nothing you like, no desire to talk to anyone, no mind to work, then you need to be careful. Our mind also gives us a signal to be aware of. Where we stop, where to go, where to stop, what to do, what not to do, our mind keeps on giving. We often do not count them.

Sometimes we have to be unhappy about something with whom we live and work with. Even the person closest to us sometimes feels worthless. He does not understand or does not understand anything, he has thoughts that I have no idea. Sometimes, even the mind can abandon it. It is, however, temperate. Without it we cannot walk. We have become accustomed to man. We have the attitude of our person. There is something that keeps us connected. It's a story of a young man. He had a lot of pressure in the job. I was tired of working all day. He once said to his wife, "It feels like giving up and running away." Hearing this, the wife said, "Where do you want to leave me? The husband said, "No, I feel like running away with you." Without you I would not go anywhere!

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