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Jun 11, 2020

Career Guidance Issue 2020 Published by Gujarat Government -PDF Copy

What proves the existence of man? What makes our existence?
Every man lives for himself. Man is not satisfied with just living life. Man needs identity. Man has to ‘notice’ in front of everyone. Everyone takes note of me, everyone remembers me, everyone needs me, people ask me, take my advice, respect me if I stand up, everyone wants that. I don't get anything like this. Man wants to be something. Many people say that I don't even ask for a price. We have to create our value in order for someone to value us. Only we can make us precious. No man is so confident. We have to qualify. Not all people are worthless, but some are unworthy. They are running away from responsibility. Many people have an amazing ability to escape. Many have a hard time raising their hands.

We all have some responsibility. To our people, to our family, to our work, to our career, and most of all to ourselves! Those who are not loyal to themselves, those who are not responsible to themselves, are not loyal or responsible to anyone. What do i have What should i do What do I get out of it? Not all work is for profit, profit or gain. Some things are done to make us realize that we are good people. We enjoy certain things. We like There is a strange kind of peace. For the work that gives us auspiciousness, to understand that I am doing this work not for anyone, but for myself! A lot of people in the world do a lot of work without any selfishness! Sometimes it happens to us when we see someone, does this man die on the road without any work reason? We don't get the answers to some of the questions, because we have raised the questions from our point of view!

How consciously are we fulfilling our responsibilities? Do we understand the burden of responsibility or do we understand it as part of our duty? Most people do what they have to do! We hear from many people that this is what I have to do, otherwise I will not do it. Yes, that's right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. Even at such a time, one should think, am I doing this job properly? If a job does not seem right, then you need moral courage to refuse it.

This is the story of a police officer. He was honest. Even at a low salary, he lived as well as he could. His master was corrupt. Once his master asked him to do something wrong. Saheb said, these policemen are blacksmiths. The work that I say does everything, so will my wrong work. Saheb said, after thinking for a while, he said to the policeman, "Sorry sir, this work cannot be done by me." My heart refuses. It is my responsibility to obey your order, but that order must be true. I will not be able to support you in wrongdoing. Mr. said, never mind! After that, the gentleman used to tease him about everything. The policeman knew why he was doing this. His friend said, this is called Jabru! You refuse to do wrong so you have to suffer? There is a price to pay for doing the right thing, the policeman said. This is part of life. Sir, tomorrow will change after waking up, but if I change, I will never get better! Temptation is such a thing that once you fall into it you start to like it! You can't get rid of it. We have to be so careful about what we can't get rid of that we don't get caught up in it, we don't get caught up in it!

An understanding of what responsibilities to avoid and what responsibilities to fulfill is also very important for life. Many people run away from where they do not want to run. This is an office thing. The boss of the office called one of his employees and said, "I will give you a job." This is your job. Bose explained the work. The employee came out of the boss's chamber and came to his workstation. As it happened, this boss is also weird. Is this work a little mine? Giving me a job that I don't have? He told this to Kalig. Kalig said, go and refuse! Lets say, this job is not mine! Assign what you have! The employee thought, No, I don't want to do that. Work is work, even though he didn't like this new job very much, he learned and completed the work. Taking the job, he went to the boss. Did Bose notice how he did this? They were happy to see the work. Bose congratulated. Two days later, the boss called the employee again and gave him a letter of promotion. Bose said he wasn't doing exactly what he was supposed to do. Gave you This is the result of what you did well. I do you no favors by promoting you. In a way, I have a vested interest in this. I mean work. The important thing for you is that you did it wholeheartedly, even though it was not your responsibility. We have to keep the door open to increase our responsibility. You may have said that if this was not my job, I would have taken it back. By working, you have proved that you are ready to accept new responsibilities. Never run away from responsibility, because a lot

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