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Jun 7, 2020

Home Learning Materials std.1 to 5 By GCERT

What is the ultimate goal of human life? Happiness! Everything we do all day is for happiness. Where does happiness come from? Everyone's view of happiness is different. Someone gets happiness from success, someone gets happiness from wealth, someone gets happiness from relationship, someone gets happiness from peace. Man is happy even after getting all this, right? Every human being has a sense of happiness. The problem is, happiness does not last long. Success? Yes, found. The joy lasted for a while. Everything was back and it happened! The joy of a balance sheet or pay slip fades in a few moments. Take something, have fun for a while then the excitement is over. This is what happens. This is what has happened to everyone.

Went to a young saint. Saint asked, how is life going? The youth said, everything is routine. Nothing new! The saint said, Wow! What a wonderful way to screw people over. You don't enjoy routine? You don't think that God has arranged everything so well that everything goes smoothly. Aren't you constantly satisfied? Life has to be monotonous. Everything else that happens is events. It's just as fun to breathe evenly. An increase in BP is also a problem and a decrease is also a degree. Our biggest problem is that we can't be happy in routine. A man who has a sense of happiness does not need a kick for fun. The young man said, how far all are moving. I think, I'm left behind. The saint said, Whom do you want to overtake? Is ahead of you When you go beyond that, you will see that there is still someone ahead. There is nothing wrong with wanting to move forward. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Don't be jealous of what is ahead of you. Do not compare yourself with anyone else. If you keep comparing, you will not fall in love with this for the rest of your life! If you keep looking for the man who is better or more successful than you, you will always consider yourself weak.

Comparisons never end. A man who compares himself to another considers the other person to be the best or the ideal. Keep trying to be like that. We don’t live like we do when we try to be like someone else. We cannot accept that I am different, that I am different, that I am unique. I can't be like anyone else! So I have to be just like me. I just have to think, why should I be the best in myself! One college had a campus interview. The company was interviewing everyone at once. Everyone in the college who came out on top thought that this was going to be the highest paid job. When the details of the job came out, it was found out that the fourth number in the college has got the best position and the highest salary! The first number came and this thing shocked him! A went to the selectors. Why didn't you choose me for the top post even if I was first? The selectors said that what is in it is not in the stars! I asked you and Anne the same question, what would you do after being selected for the top post? You said, I will work hard and one day M.D. Will reach. I also asked him, what will you do after being selected for the top spot? That said, I will enjoy my work. I will create an environment where my team has fun working. I will feel where I am. He also asked another question, aren't you jealous of the number one? Doesn't it mean that you can't score as much? He said, no Ray, not at all. He has brought only two marks more than me, will be. He must have worked harder. I have done sports and much more along with studying. I have enjoyed the study. I was not bothered to come first! That is the reason why it was chosen. He did not compare himself with you and you still compare yourself with him! Only by knowing yourself can you be happy.

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