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Jul 31, 2020

Education policy 2020 in Hindi PDF

Not every living person is necessarily alive. To live is not to breathe, to live is to beat. How many
people understand the logical difference between beating and beating? Just by looking at many people, we understand that its life is not in place! When life is not in place, man is absent where it is present. The presence of the mind along with the body is also essential. There are very few people who are 'alive' every moment of life. How many times a man dies temporarily in his life! That time is counted in life, but not lived. Moments tend to be dilapidated when the mind is agitated. Man should also keep checking his own life. Where is my life? If life is not in place for a long time, then understand that life has gone horizontally. Life is also sometimes chaotic. We have to keep in our minds a crane that can put a fallen life back on track!

If man's life is not in place, then his life does not seem to exist in anything. If there is no presence of life, where is the presence of life to be felt? Was a young man. He was learning painting. He started training with a legendary painter. The painter once asked the young man to make a painting, and the young man arranged a canvas on the easel. Gradually began painting. Painters came to see a little picture. Seeing the strokes of the painting, the painter said to the young man, 'Let it be, your life is not in the place right now!' Everything we do is inanimate. Nothing should be done when life is not in place, only work should be done to bring life in place at that time!

We sometimes get away from ourselves. We don't hear our own words. Only the man living inside us becomes a complete stranger. Man should be friends with himself. He who does not love himself cannot love anyone. He who hates himself is bound to hate the whole world. Even when our lives are not in place, we are blaming others for it. It happened because of you! It made my condition worse! In fact, any situation is created by itself. What does a lost child do at a fair? If he cries and someone asks him, he just says, ‘My mom is lost!’ He doesn’t feel like I’m lost! We are just like that child. We are lost and blame on others!

We are there believing that, at the time of death, if any desires remain unfulfilled, the soul keeps wandering. God knows whether the soul wanders or not, but the lives of many people are wandering while they are alive! Some people become like ghosts while they are still alive. In tough, tough, contrasting and tough times man should decide that no matter what happens, I will not get away from me. I will not let my life wander. I want to keep my life in place. Even the house of a woman whose life is not in place stops beating! When we go to many houses, it seems lifeless. We say that there is a lot of negative feeling in his house. There are some houses in which a wonderful and supernatural power is communicated to you as soon as you enter. It happens to us that there is some magic in her house! Yes, there is magic, the magic of the positive energy of the people living in the house is spoken, lived and felt in the house!

This is the story of a young man. Two of his friends came to see him. A friend was an interior decorator. "There is a lot of negativity in your home," he said. You change your home. Change the color of this wall! Make some changes in the furniture too. Add a little brightness to the house. Take care of the breeze too! 'Hearing this, another friend who came with him said,' It's all right, first remove the net that has been thrown inside you. Fill the vacuum inside you with a little lightness. The emphasis is on your face. 'The emphasis should be on the face, not the face. One has to look at nature when it is lacking!

This is the story of a girl. The girl got married. A few days after the wedding, the pier arrives. When the father-in-law leaves, he always says, "I don't want to go home!" Why don't you say 'my house'? Son, where is your soul in your house? As long as you don't feel alive in that house, that house will never feel like yours. Flood your life in your house and before that your life will flow in you! How much 'mine' is ours? There should be life inside the house and that only happens when our life is at home! '

Do you enjoy your home? He who does not have fun in his own house does not have fun anywhere. Every corner of the house should be revived. This is the story of a young man. At one point he realized that everything in his house was lifeless. Everything including the sofa, table, chair, fridge, TV is lifeless. At one point he brought some flowers and plants from the young nursery. He came home and said to his wife, ‘There should be some things in this house that are alive!’ Hearing this, the wife said lovingly, ‘You get a little more alive and everything will seem alive! You are alive in this house, I am alive, but why do you feel that nothing is alive? We’re not going to be alive and even these flowers and plants are going to wither! ’Do you ever think how alive you are? A lot inside us to keep alive

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