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Jul 27, 2020

SBI 3850 Circle Based Officers Recruitment

The biggest basis of a relationship is how the dialogue is. Talking is not dialogue. There is a subject of conversation, there is a sense of dialogue. How much attention do we pay when someone is talking?
We don't even know who said what when we were in our thoughts. Not paying attention is one thing and not paying attention is quite another. Sometimes we are not ready to listen. There is a difference between being careless and being careless. There are very few people who listen carefully to everyone. We are also 'selective' in listening. We don't even count on some people. We are the ones who often say, listen with one ear, delete the talk with the other ear. Why has God given two ears? When we listen with one ear and take it out with the other ear, we do not think that even if we have deleted the talk, it has passed between the two ears! Yes, not everything is important. How much importance do we give to the important thing?

Do we have any attention to our 'mental status' while talking and listening? There should be a mood and atmosphere to talk. There must be a healthy mind for dialogue. A weak, dull or agitated mind only creates trouble in dialogue. An unstable mind is very responsible for getting things done! Sometimes we don't think someone's words are true, because we are not ready to accept that someone's words are true! We are thinking from our own angle. When the other person is speaking the truth, we have a responsibility to understand and accept the truth. This is the story of a young man. He had little work in an office. A friend of his had reached out a lot. The young man called his friend, "I have a job in that office. Does anyone know you there? 'The friend thought for a moment and said,' Dude, nobody knows me there! ' Nobody knows! 'The young man felt bad. If you didn't want to work, you refused, didn't you? Why did you say wrong A few days later a third friend met him. The young man told his friend that he told me that no one knew me! He also said that now it has changed. Avoid work!

Listening to the friend, his friend said, ‘Hey, why do you think the other way around? Why do you think he's lying that he doesn't have to work? You know, he called me after you talked to him. "You have an office job," he said. He was asking me for your work, is there anyone you know in that office? So you help her. 'Sometimes we think in our own way and doubt the relationship. Such suspicions are the cause of many relationships. Every time a relationship breaks down, it is not the Sami person's fault, it is our fault. It is easy to blame others. We don't feel guilty about it. Sometimes when the relationship with the other party is severed or reduced, we do not understand what has happened to it. What did he think was wrong or bad? Even if no one picks up our phone, doesn't respond even after the blue mark appears in WhatsApp, even if they don't respond after seeing our status, we still have different thoughts. He doesn't care anymore, he has become a very big man, now we start thinking that he doesn't need me. We don't think it's a problem. Otherwise he will respond immediately. Even when someone's call comes and we can't receive it, we send a message saying, I will call you later, because it doesn't feel bad! He doesn't feel like I'm ignoring his call!

What is meant by relaxation in a relationship has to be understood in the same sense. Along with who says what is important is how we understand what he is saying. Before we talk to the implicit, we have to say, "Please take my word for it in the right spirit." This is the story of a husband and wife. If the husband says anything, the wife will say the opposite! The husband said, ‘Going out?’ The wife said, ‘You don’t have to stay at home. You have to wander outside even when there is a holiday! ’The husband once said to stay at home. The wife said, "You have to keep me at home. Even when there is a holiday, you don’t feel like taking this somewhere for a walk! ’The husband said,‘ Why do you take everything I mean upside down? Please don't take my word for it! We will continue to fight because of this. ' No objection to what he does. Man does this to an extent. Then it also feels tired. When you have to think about speaking or behaving against someone, understand that something is missing in this relationship. Understand that this relationship is in danger if you are concerned about maintaining the relationship. Sometimes it is still understandable that the mood goes up and down, but if its frequency increases, there is a danger! When living with two people, sometimes there is a difference of opinion, sometimes one of them has to do something that the other person does not like. At that time our behavior demands more understanding. We also have to understand that if the person thinks the same way as we do, does what we want, and the focus is on me, that is the biggest mistake. The basic question is, does that person have feelings, love, or respect for you? Once upon a time something inappropriate was said

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