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Jul 18, 2020

Hu banu vishva Manvi | Part.3 Book | Soft Copy

The people of this country, which is rich in natural beauty and also very rich financially, had an idea of ​​how happy they would be. On
the way we reached the house of a local man. A man of forty years was watering his garden. Hi-hello asked, can I talk to you a little? He called home. Talks took place. Sports in mind asked the question. It's such a nice country, the people here look happy. Are all really happy? 

What are you sad about The man sighed and answered in one word, loneliness! Loneliness! He then continued talking, you see, I am alone in the whole house. It takes a lot of hard work to convince the mind!

Jannisar is a share of Akhtar's ghazals. ‘Yeh ilm ka sauda ye risale ye kitabe, ik shakhs ki yaado ko bhulane ke liye hai’. Even if it is said that loneliness is what it is… but loneliness is nothing like pain, suffering, anguish or sorrow. I'm feeling lonely and dangerously growing. I am all alone. I don't need anyone. No one loves me. No one cares about me. Who cares if I am or not? According to a survey conducted in the United States, loneliness is becoming a serious illness worldwide. Some psychologists and sociologists even go so far as to say that an "epidemic of loneliness" has broken out all over the world. The search for 'feeling very lonely' on Google is increasing.

Man cannot be alone. Even solitude is not tolerated to more than one extent. We all need someone. Someone is needed to laugh, to cry, to talk and to fight. In the United States, 42 million people over the age of 45 suffer from loneliness. We rarely have such studies there. Loneliness leads a man to commit suicide.

The biggest cause of depression is loneliness. Loneliness abounds in many of our homes. Julian Holt Lunsteid, a professor at Bridham Young University in the United States, says that connecting with people is a basic human need. Having someone to live with matters a lot.

Man gradually becomes ‘isolated’. At one time there were joint families. The house was not empty. Someone would meet to talk, gossip or have fun. The Joint Family is now in the extinct category. Families have become smaller. Not only that, everyone is so busy with each other that no one has time for anyone. Earlier, everyone had a close relationship with the neighbors. Now the relationship with the neighbor is enough for work or name.

The number of people living alone is increasing. 3.4 million people live alone in Europe and Australia. Even though we are there, this number is not small and is constantly increasing. Loneliness affects stress hormones and people suffer from a variety of mental disorders. People are now connected to technology. Create a group of family and friends on WhatsApp and people share their feelings. Sees faces from video call. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. However, even virtual connectivity doesn't seem to work after a while. Man finally needs someone in person.

Now the most searched on Google is what to do if you feel lonely? Various tips are starting to be found. If this happens to you, tell anyone that I want to talk, I feel very lonely. Many other roads are also shown. Join a group, have a 'solo date' with yourself, that means go out to dinner or watch a movie. If it's not fun, get on a train, bus or plane and come back to me. Read something, write, walk, dance, sing, such is called a variety of recipes. The fact is that if a man is not happy with his mind, he is not going to have fun anywhere.

The truth is, keep your relationship alive. Protect your personal people. Meet friends Love your own person. You will not find such happiness anywhere else. All we have to do is remove our ego, beliefs, and prejudices. Our person also needs us, although he should also feel that this is my person. In order for something to happen to us, we have to belong to someone first. You are the richest if you have your people and your friends, the number of such rich people is constantly decreasing. Have a few people in life, a few relationships so that anything can be done for them and they can be present at any time, in real time we have only a select few of us and that is the biggest reason for our happiness! How many such people do you have? Please take care of them, it is the biggest capital of life.

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