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Jul 22, 2020

Important News Of Big Relief For Parents Regarding Private School Fees

Success is directly related to conflict. We have seen in almost every field that, despite not having qualifications, some people have been
arranged in certain places. We have also been saying and hearing that it does not match? Its reach is very high. The one who has strong ends takes bribe and takes possession. Because of this, what really deserves remains. It also happens in some cases that when someone is climbing the ladder of success, he is pulled down and knocked down.

After the suicide of film actor Sushant Singh Rajput, one story after another of nepotism in Bollywood has started coming out. Many people including film actress Kangana Ranaut, singer Sonu Nigam, Abhinav Kashyap have come on the field and are talking about nepotism. Good thing, there is someone who dares to speak the truth without any fear. Many people say that everything will work out in a few days, then everything will fall back to normal. Remember the uhapoh that happened during the casting couch and me to movement. How was everything? Does anyone remember that today? Even if this is said, those who dare to speak should be applauded. Ravish Kumar said nicely, not every fight is fought to win, some fights are done to make people realize that someone is fighting. The vices do not end overnight.

The important thing is, to be a victim of nepotism is to commit suicide? The obvious answer is no. Sushant Singh had such a diamond that he could survive on the strength of his acting and come forward. If you look at it this way, nepotism, politics, strife, gossip, favoritism, nepotism are all in the field, to a lesser extent! Everything from politics to sports and much more. The gift of organizing one's own people extends from religious institutions to the mafia world. Not everything like that from nowadays. If we sit down to unravel the cases, we can find many incidents from ancient times to the present day.

Nepotism can be simply defined as nepotism. The word comes from Latin, Italian, and French. Nepot in Italian means nephew. From him came the word nepotism. Called Nepotism in French. Nepotism is the unreasonable bias in organizing one's own people to great positions. Swajan bias or kunba parsati used to happen before, it happens today and will continue to happen in the future.

We have been talking about familism in politics since independence. The most talked about is the Gandhi family. The late Rajiv Gandhi, who flew a plane with pilot training, was made the Prime Minister. Rajiv Gandhi's success was greatly contributed by his think tank. In politics, examples of nepotism can be found in every state and in every party. There are many examples on the Opposition, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who have succeeded on their own strength. If we talk about the world of cricket, whether it is Sunil Gavaskar or Sachin Tendulkar, his son got a place in cricket but he was thrown out because he could not perform. Superstar Amitabh Bachchan's son Abhishek Bachchan also stopped walking. There are many cases where the other side has reached the pinnacle of success by facing all the struggles with its hard work, passion and dedication. The bottom line is that those who have the ability to succeed sooner or later are more likely to succeed. The Kapoor family is all the rage in Bollywood. There are many Kapoors who have not gone to Bollywood. Someone can give you ground but in the end anyone has to prove themselves.

How many of us are honest people who give a chance to those who really deserve it instead of giving it to their close relatives? Every man does nepotism at his own level. There are some good people who don't do that but they are the exception. Nepotism has to exist and in the meanwhile man has to succeed. Wealth is inherited but ability is not inherited or inherited. All you have to do is not get tired or lose out on any nepotism, politics or anything else, only your hard work and your skills will give you success. Whoever matches in his work without falling into the spree of who matched or who is in the field only succeeds. To be successful, you need to be able to do your job without fear or hesitation. Unwavering faith in oneself is the first condition for success.

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