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Jan 14, 2019

गुजराती शब्दकोश PDF File Download

TAT Exam Method Useful File .Language Method in Detail.It is inevitable that a teacher is always a creator. Because learning through creative can be more interesting. Education is not always a burden to children, but it is a celebration
The teachers should be doing more constructive experiments for the education system and for this, we should encourage teachers, for this, according to Governor AP Kohli. Governor Colonel Kohli said that it is necessary to concentrate more on the need to increase the prevalence of primary education also being qualitatively. As well as child test tension should be created in an environmentally open manner and should also be working to create a suitable system for it so that each child can be tested with enthusiasm and also make education educative for which the students should be involved in every activity of education and Being an active partner
The governor and the Governor also requested to make the teaching understandable and interesting by using experiments to dissipate it. Children should not only be taught book teaching but also play a game so that the team creates team spirit through sports competitions. And through it the child develops the ability to digest success and failure. As governor said, educational institutions are like yoga in which both students and gurus are educated together
In which they offer dedication, power, manliness and time to the altar of education. Our holy education temples require the identification of our 

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