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Jan 14, 2019

Totochan Book PDF Download

We have not yet received any other writer from Gizubhai Badheka, who had come to Gujarat from the hill of Balmandir, the dakshinamruti of Balmandir, which had been circulating in the hills of Balasanthi. Fifty years passed by Gujjbhai's death in 1989 and his writings became owned by society according to copyright law. Thus, the great majority of the poor people of Gujarat, who were deprived of this law, did not want to be a child of poor families, and 1.5 lakh copies of Gijubhai's sixteen children, very nominal, small accumulation of Gijubhai manifested by Lokmilap. In it, the children who can afford even younger children up to seven years of age After that, the second part of eighteen children of Gizubhai also got out of the eighth to fourteen year old children. The nine parts of the two-part warriors have been presented in this Khasaspodi. It is faith that the elders will be eager to read it to young children. Not only will the children of the chieftains say that they will not be able to enjoy these legends.

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