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Feb 2, 2019

TAT Bharti Detail 2017 | Cut off Merit marks

On one hand, there is a protest against the fees of guardians, whereas on the other hand the candidates have been upset about the recruitment of teachers in schools. The unemployed candidates who have passed TET-2 examination have reached Gandhinagar to submit their recruitment for primary teachers.
Candidates have presented Education Minister Bhupendra Chudasama and the government has given consolation to take immediate action. It is important that to become a teacher, one has to pass the TET-1/2 examination after which the teacher is selected as dual 6 to 8. In the state's primary and upper primary schools, the teacher was recruited by the education department for recruitment of teachers at the vacant site and It was recruited on the premises. However, a case was registered against him and the High Court has decided to stop recruiting tourist teachers who have been issued circulars by the Director of Primary Education, who have been barred from recruiting tourist teachers. Following this, the teachers will not be recruited at the vacant sites of primary and upper primary schools, the sources said.

According to the received information, the state education department decided to appoint tourist teachers at vacant site in the vacant school in the circular issued in December 2011. The recruitment of the tourists teachers was done to provide education to the students from the respective honorarium to ensure the education of the students till the vacancy was filled up regularly in place of the teacher's seats in the government and granted schools for primary education, secondary education and higher secondary education. In which primary teacher gets Rs. 50 rupees and maximum of 6 days of the day. 300, Rs. 75 and Rs. 450 and higher secondary level Rs. 90, was decided to give 540 of the 6 tas.
Even though there are 13 thousand vacant posts in the state, these teachers are not recruited. For this reason, this educated unemployed candidate is outraged and even if there is no solution in the near future, it has also provoked severe action.

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