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May 10, 2019

Basic maths PDF Download

A file with a simple explanation for the simple math can be easily learned here. In the competitive examinations for government jobs, basic mathematics is asked which many students find difficult or do not get enough marks in it. To help solve this problem, a mathematical learning file has been placed here for easy preparation of basic math and to get government jobs. Candidates who have left studies for many years can also learn home-class mathematics. The examples and explanations in this file are less educated and those who have left in middle school can also understand. In every respect the age level has been kept in mind.
In the government schools, 52 percent of the 8th standard students do not know basic mathematics. 7% of the standard 5 students can not divide. Not only this, the reading power of 27 percent of 8th standard students is very poor. 70 percent of the third grade students can not be excluded. These findings come out against the first NGO's Annual States of Education Report (ASER) in 018.
According to the ASER report, according to 10 years ago, the performance of the school student decreased in 018. In the year 2009, 37 percent of fifth class students could solve basic mathematical questions, but in 2012, the number of such students has dropped to 8 percent.\

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