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Jun 13, 2019

Current affairs 200 Questions May 2019

At present, government jobs are asking for emergency questions in every exam. Then a PDF file of 200 questions related to it will be useful. There will be special work in the non-secretariat clerk exam.
The cruelty is that the government is making public money the private education industry. At the end of the day, students receive a certificate whose value is printed on which it is as suspicious as paper. The fact is that the regime has failed misappropriating the commercialization of higher education.
This is one state, but it applies to the whole country. This is a model in which the government is lying on its private sector. There was a rumor of medical colleges in Maharashtra and in Karnataka at one time. In which degrees were distributed. However, this route is not successful as it is not a success. Gujarat, on the other hand, is the water of engineering colleges. At one time, private colleges used to pay for a fee and pay a fee. Today, the same engineering colleges are calling on the government to reduce their fees so that they get the number. Thus, higher education in India is on a camp where it has not been easy to recover. On the one hand, the actual value of education in the states like Gujarat and Maharashtra is declining, whereas on the other hand, the incidence of privatization in states like UP is ending higher education. If a young engineer is not to get a job of paying ten thousand rupees by paying a preferential fee then who will be ready to spend the future for this education?
The government has now time to stop profits in higher education. If the profits in the field of higher education are not tackled on time, then this education will become very costly and it will not be affordable to anyone. Also, the government will have to make efforts to get the job of young people with higher education as per their qualifications. It is also a fact that after reading the wrong placement of the remaining placements, now the youth of Gujarat is not fooling.

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