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Jun 11, 2019

Praveshotsav List 2019

The Government of Gujarat is spending millions of rupees on education. Especially in primary and secondary school admission is celebrated for many years, on the other hand students have found it difficult to meet in important courses like engineering. 
The level of education in the state is declining day by day. The live example of which is seen in the recent admission process of degree engineering. When the registration process in degree engineering and pharmacy has been completed, 33,781 thousand students have registered only against 72,388 thousand seats in Engineering. As a result, only 39,607 seats have been vacant before admission in engineering. That is almost twice the number of 20,000 seats vacated last year.
EWS increased 11 thousand seats, but the students did not rise
After the registration process is completed, on June 11, a provisional merit list will be issued and the mockery will be started between 11 and 16 June. The result of Mock round will start on June 19 and the final round will now start on June 19. A total of 61,000 seats were available in degree engineering when the procedure was started by the admissions committee. But after the EWS has been implemented, more than 11,000 seats have been increased. As a result, now 72 thousand seats have been made for engineering, against which 33,781 students have registered for admission.
The sources of the admissions committee say that it is not decided whether all the students who get registered will get admission. Each year, the number of students who get admission in the register against the number of registrations is less than three to four thousand. 39 thousand seats are vacant before the admission process is started, it has been established.

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